In These Times...

As we are all experiencing confinement and limitations unknown to us before, remember that 'constraint breeds creativity.' Necessity IS often the mother of invention. I myself am challenged to create new avenues of teaching clay workshops, and will announce them as appropriate, given the health directives prescribed by the various authorities.

I have many outdoor tables and spaces to work with - and ways to sterilize tools, etc.

I'm excited to see what I come up with - and what you come up with, as I know your need to create and do so in community will grow over the next few months!Please reach out to me with any ideas you have or would like to explore. 


Meanwhile I will be at work, dreaming up new approaches as well as refilling my studio shelves with my own pieces after a very successful fundraiser for Second Harvest Food Bank all through the month of April. Over $2,500 was raised!

Peace to each of you-   





"My little bowls are delightful, as was the time spent making them! Thank you for such a great experience."

— Kacy, Mise en Place Workshop

Call or email to come by - Virginia

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