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Hands On Clay

Reserve your place at the table this autumn for one of my 'Hands On Clay' events. These one-day wonders are held under the big oaks outside my studio in Old Mountain View.

Hands on Clay Details

  • All classes are on Saturdays 10AM - 3PM, Sept 28 - Nov 2

  • All materials provided. No clay experience needed. All clay is non-staining nontoxic white stoneware.

  • Bring your own lunch to enjoy midway through the day.

  • Pieces will be twice fired, glazed and ready to pick up in 2-3 weeks.

  • $75 per class payable the day of the workshop: cash, check or CC

  • Great way to spend time with friends, family or co-workers.

  • Limited to 4-6 participants per event.

  • Contact me to arrange a 'custom event': your site - your date/time - your crew - your project.

See workshops below


Garden Lantern

Saturday, September 28th 10AM - 3PM

  • Build a box, add feet and carve your own chosen design to enjoy under the night sky this Fall with a flickering pillar candle - or LED faux 'candle' (not supplied with workshop). A warm addition to your home indoors this winter

  • These also look amazing holding a bouquet of blooms in a jar.

  • Choose on of four different glaze finishes: Ocean, Jade, Matte White or Clear Gloss.


Bird Duet

Saturday, October 5th 10AM - 3PM

  • Create a couple of avian creatures out of your own imagination.

  • Earthbound yet expressive and colorful.

  • Build your birds then paint them with colored 'slips' to complete their unique look.

  • Finish in Clear Gloss glaze.



Saturday, October 12th 10AM - 3PM

  • Make a set of 8 pristine white cupped bowls formed over grapefruit. Finish with texture - or not. Top edge undulates naturally, each coupe unique.

  • Microwave, (moderate) oven and dishwasher safe.

  • Use these shell-like bowls for a soupcon of soup, a single scoop of frozen delight, nut and fruit snacks, toppings at your next taco bar and more.

  • Choose one of two glazes for finishing: Matte White or Clear Gloss.


Utensil Crocks

Saturday, October 19th 10AM - 3PM        

  • Make two 5 inch diameter stoneware crocks with or without handles, 7 and 9 inches tall.

  • Build and texture your jars to hold all manner of kitchen tools - from wooden spoons and spatulas to long tongs and skewers. Keep tools handy by the stove top or workstation for easy access when creating your favorite recipes.

  • Choose from four different glaze finishes: Ocean, Jade (shown), Matte White (shown) or Clear Gloss


Cache Pot Trio

Saturday, October 26th 10AM - 3PM            SOLD OUT

  • Create three jars in three sizes: 3 1/2" diameter and 3", 4", and 5" tall.

  • Texture as desired - cut a hole in the bottom if you plan to use them for plants.

  • Myriad of uses from flatware at your next buffet to dip and crudites.

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.

  • Choose from two different glaze finishes: Matte White or Clear Gloss.